Utility & Energy

Smart Utility Solutions

With over 30 years experience, the Utility & Energy industry is undoubtedly the backbone of WCG

We bring great experience working with Multi-Service, Investor Owned, and De-Regulated Utility Participants and applying industry best practices to client processes. You will find that our consultants possess a deep-rooted expertise when it comes to your Customer Service & Billing, Work Management, Preventative Management, Asset Management, Job Costing, Accounting & Finance, Human Resources, and Payroll.

WCG is rich with experience and will be a valuable asset to your company, whether providing our expertise in Needs Assessments, Software Selection, Software Implementation, Financial Analysis, Data Management, or Process Improvement.

Smart Cities

Smart City Solutions

IoT, machine learning, and other new technologies are enabling cities to improve the efficiency and cost-effectiveness of services while managing environmental impacts.

WCG helps cities identify and implement the best solutions, update internal business processes, and maximize Return on Investment.

WCG can help your company navigate the many advanced technology / IoT options and identify the best solutions for your city’s needs.

WCG’s process engineering and change management expertise spawns from a rich history of project experience with city services and municipalities across the country. Let WCG leverage this insight into valuable solutions for your city:
City Services include:

  • Needs Assessment
  • Technology Selection
  • Business Application System Implementations
  • Process Design & Improvement
  • IoT Integration
  • Mobile-unit Integration
  • Executive Dashboards


Smart Industrial Solutions

WCG can help your company navigate the many IoT and other advanced technology options and identify the best solutions for your production environment & processes.

Smart manufacturing is about creating an environment where all available information—from within the plant floor and from along the supply chain—is captured in real-time, made visible and turned into actionable insights. Smart manufacturing comprises all aspects of business, blurring the boundaries among plant operations, supply chain, product design and demand management. Enabling virtual tracking of capital assets, processes, resources and products, smart manufacturing gives enterprises full visibility which in turn supports streamlining business processes and optimizing supply and demand.

WCG’s process engineering and product costing expertise spawns from vast experience with some of the world’s leading manufacturing and engineering firms. Let WCG leverage this insight into valuable process optimizations and system solutions for your company.

WCG services for providing Smart Industrial Solutions include:

  • Needs Assessment & Gap Analyses
  • Assess gaps in processes, identify process redundancies, communication silos, inefficiencies/risk
  • Introduce advanced technology options
  • Software & Technology Selection
  • Build technical requirements, interface plan, and SOW
  • Business Application System Implementations
  • Process mapping with new technology
  • Testing & Training
  • Project Management / Vendor & Deliverable oversight
  • IoT Integration
  • Scenario Planning
  • Mobile Work Management Integration
  • Standard Cost Development
  • Executive Dashboards
  • Project Calculations for expansion & new ventures
  • Budgeting & Projections
  • Various Cost / Profit Analyses

Application of Industry 4.0

  • Law of diminishing returns in regards to cost cutting and efficiency improvements
    • You can effectively cut the first 10% w incremental changes (ie scale, standardization) but the next 10% is much more difficult
    • You must apply different principles and approaches to achieve that next level and to become a market leader
  • I4.0 is not simply a one-stop, plug and play product
    • It is a piece-mealed solution that requires the proper infrastructure, updated processes, resources, and data management
  • Connectivity can tie machine performance to KPIs to enable machine-as-a-service purchasing agreements (subscription method where payments are tied to KPIs)

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