Process Improvement


Needs Assessment / Business Process Review

In this effort WCG consultants will assess all business systems and specify current insufficiencies – both in technology and process.

The first step of this assessment will be to collectively create an exhaustive list of processes needing analysis and all systems in use, then conduct on-site meetings with the power users to fully understand the organization’s daily processes and observe the systems in real-time operation. WCG will then take this information to build a process-by-process analysis that will list out specific process and system insufficiencies.

The above insufficiencies will then be paired with possible improvement opportunities given the solutions that exist in the market today. WCG will help identify whether these improvements can come from updating current configuration, streamlining internal processes, whether a system upgrade would address the issue, whether a system replacement would be needed, or finally, if another peripheral technology upgrade could deliver the desired improvement.

Configuration Management

Configuration Management is a balance of building the system around the utility and delivering internal process improvements to maximize system effectiveness and long-term sustainability. To deliver the best possible configuration, one must have a complete understanding of industry best practices along with the processes / value drivers of the utility.

Pairing WCG’s experience with implementation projects and our hands-on work approach, we are able to quickly learn the utility’s needs and translate technical system processes, data tables, interfaces, and preferences codes into meaningful configuration options and solutions.

From the start, WCG consultants will attend all Discovery sessions to provide feedback, direction, and continued oversight of the selected vendor’s resources. Our consultants will continue acting as liaisons between the vendor resources and the client project team to ensure that there is always a complete understanding of process requirements and system capabilities.

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