Project Management


Project Management

Throughout the project WCG will act as your liaison and apply our project management methodology to ensure that your requirements are successfully applied into the system, that each process is fully vetted via exhaustive system testing, that all project risks are identified and mitigated, that your staff remains efficiently managed through the project tasks, and that consistent project quality assessments are conducted and presented to internal stakeholders.

The SOW as developed by WCG will identify and describe each phase of the implementation project and include entrance and exit criteria for each phase. WCG will work closely with the client and software vendor to develop and monitor these criteria, map specific vendor responsibilities to each (e.g. system configuration status, successful test runs, number of open issues broken down by issue type and severity, etc.), and provide insight and direction concerning advancing to the next phase.

WCG will bring a heightened awareness regarding specific, recurring project difficulties and will pre-emptively encourage and monitor key factors to mitigate these risks. Some examples include:

  • Ensuring adequate training is provided prior to conducting the Discovery phase
  • Running and testing conversion extracts early – providing converted data for testing and training as soon as possible
  • Ensure that the vendor delivers the modifications and interfaces in a timely manner, at least by the second phase of Integration Testing
  • Conducting a minimum of two mock go-lives, while testing and practicing all aspects of the cutover process
  • Providing a “Sandbox Training Environment” to give end users the opportunity to gain self-paced, hands-on practice prior to go-live.

A core ingredient of WCG’s Project Management Methodology is to build a strong and integrated team involving resources from all parties: WCG, the client, and the software vendor. Our methodology will foster an environment of trust and single-mindedness to resolve project issues and deliver as promised. WCG will provide leadership that will encourage team building throughout all phases of the project.

Project Quality Assurance

At specific milestones within the project, WCG will conduct interviews with core team members, review all project documentation, and generally assess the health of the project. The main-focus of the Project Quality Assessment (PQA) is to proactively identify weaknesses in the project and avoid pitfalls, as opposed to finding and fixing errors after they occur. Our PQA process and reporting is a key aspect in avoiding costly delays and it keeps the decision makers properly informed in a timely manner.

Change Management

Change management is not an event – it is an on-going process that needs to be cared for throughout the project. WCG approaches change management with a systematic process of providing constant and consistent communication at all levels, holding system introduction sessions that compare the old legacy system to the future system screens and functions, coordinating 1-on-1 initial training sessions to gauge individual levels of understanding and acceptance, ensuring delivery of effective training sessions and documents for all functions and groups, and finally providing ever-present Go-live support and issue resolution.

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