Software Selection

Exhaustive Needs Assessments & Gap Analyses to identify business needs, value drivers, and critical areas where modern technology and industry best practices can be applied to improve future business processes.  These are translated into Customized Business and Technical Requirements that will drive the RFP process and ensure that the best possible solution is selected while laying the foundation for a successful implementation phase.


Flexible implementation support services focused on leading the utility through exhaustive System & Process Testing, End-user Training, Data Conversion, Change Management, and ensuring a successful Go-Live.  Throughout the implementation, our consultants will deliver valuable business process improvements and lead the team through system configuration decisions to apply industry best practices while avoiding costly system modifications / customizations.

Project Management

WCG provides highly-involved, hands-on Project Management services that can augment your company’s assigned resources or represent as the sole client-side PM.  WCG brings decades of project experience that allows our PMs to identify weaknesses in the project and avoid pitfalls beforehand, as opposed to finding and fixing errors after the fact.  As part of our PM Services, WCG will conduct consistent Project Quality Assessments (PQAs) which are driven by a robust evaluation process that maintains an updated project exposure to all team members and decision makers.

Process Improvement

These large technology transformation projects provide a perfect opportunity to replace archaic business processes with optimized approaches that also apply industry best practices and integrate the latest advanced technologies.  Business Process Optimization is a core competency of all WCG consultants and is prevalent throughout all stages of these replacement projects.  We look to hire Six Sigma qualified consultants who can apply both business and technical acumen to provide the most cost and operationally-efficient process designs.

Data Management

WCG can provide various levels of technical assistance to critical data processes, including:  Data Mapping, Data Validation, Data Conversion Audits, and even full data conversion services for some systems.  Beyond the data conversion process, WCG can also provide custom reports and queries to help supplement the core options within the selected solution.

Project Timeline - Risk & Mitigation

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